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    Despa Gas springs are manufactured with the highest technology. Including automotive and furniture industry wide use in various fields of gas springs located on the property and we will continue to manufacture fittings.
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    Which has a widespread usage of our products in parallel to the developing technology in a constantly expanding market is proud to be a preferred brand.
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Technial Info

Gas Springs are manufactured  at a temperature of 20 °C .Physically, the actual force of a gas spring depends on the temperature it is operating in. Compressed gas react very strongly to temperature changes. So that the spring force rises and falls according to the temperature variation.

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Usage Advice

- Our gas springs are designed for a max. temperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C . Continuous working on extreme temperatures decreases gas springs life expectancy.

Please contact us if you need gas spring working in higher or lower temperatures.

- The piston rod should be protected from particles, dust, paint, corrosive substances. Any damage on the piston rod will damage the seal inside the cylinder.



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Despa Gas Spring

Established since 1990, DESPA OTOMOTIV is committed to deliver competitive products and services to our customers. As a leader company in implementing ISO 9001:2000 in this sector in Turkey since 1998 and as an ISO TS/ 16949:2002 certified company, DESPA produces high quality gas springs and connection parts for domestic and foreign markets. We export 70% of our production mainly to Europe, also North American countries, Brazil, Middle East, Russia, North Africa, south-eastern Asia, etc.

The gas springs we manufacture have various technical applications in all branches of industry. Despa products are used both, as original parts in bus and agricultural machinery production as well as in automotive aftermarket.
Within Automotive Industry our products are used on most of car brands applied to vehicles tailgates and bonnets, bus luggage door and seats, service trucks, motorhomes, caravan side panels, and many other places according to customers request.


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