Usage Advice



- Our gas springs are designed for a max. temperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C . Continuous working on extreme temperatures decreases gas springs life expectancy.

Please contact us if you need gas spring working in higher or lower temperatures.

- The piston rod should be protected from particles, dust, paint, corrosive substances. Any damage on the piston rod will damage the seal inside the cylinder.

For re-cycling purposes, it shall be opened under controlled conditions with full security protections.

- Gas Spring, both Cylinder and piston rod shall not be hit, deformed, damaged or exposed to wet, dusty, corrosive environment.

- Gas springs are maintenance-free. Do not grease or oil the piston rod.

- Install without twisting, Pivot only at the connections provided, Avoid lateral forces. Avoid tilting or side forces during operation

- We recommend mounting the standard gas springs and dampers piston rod pointing downwards and traction gas springs the piston rod pointing upwards positions to get the best outcome.

- Gas springs are not safety parts. If there is any possibility of damage in case of non-functioning of gas spring, a safety/locking system should be applied.

- Filling pressure to gas springs should be under our approval.

- Using the gas spring at the speed of more then 15 cycle in a minute will decrease gas springs life expectancy.